Bernese Mountain Dogs
Where Titles on Both Ends are Important!
CH Classique's Great Strides CD TD NDD BNDD
Therapy Dogs International (TDI) information below*
CH Classique's Great Strides CD, TD, NDD, BNDD, HIC, TDIA Versatility Dog, Working Dog
OFA/GDC Good, Clear Elbows/Eyes/Heart
Co-Owned with Robert Hanks

Thundding hoof and flowing hair,
Style and action sweet and fair,
Bone and sinew well defined,
Movement strong both fore and hind,
Noble eye and handsome head,
Bold, intelligent, well-bred,
Lovely neck and shoulder laid,
See how shapely he is made,
Muscle strong and frame well knit,
Strength personified and fit,
Thus the Clydesdale - see him go,
To the field, the stud, the show,
Proper back and ribs well spring,
Sound of limb, and sound of lung,
Powerful loin, and quarter wide,
Grace and majesty allied,
Basic power - living force -
Equine king - The Clydesdale horse.

BMDCA Futurity 1998
Best Opposite
9 months, 2 days
Judge: Dawn Hitchcock
Clyde finished his Championship easily with three majors: The first was at 6 mos, the second was a 5 pt BOW win at the Heartland Supported Entry Weekend.  He was handled all the way by Dawn Gabig.

Next Tim Gabig and Clyde earned his TD on their first try.

Then Bob Hanks and Clyde earned his CD in the first 3 consectutive shows with class placements.

Clyde is now training with Bob for his NDD & CDX.  They also work with Therapy Dogs Int. twice a week in Oklahoma City.

A truly versatile Berner with a versatile family to love him. 

*Therapy Dogs International (TDI)

Clyde and Bob Hanks are active in TDI as explained below by Bob

Clyde has earned a TDIA (Therapy Dogs International Active) certificate for more then 50 visits!!

Clyde enjoys his therapy, and when telling people your dog is going to Therapy, you have to be careful they do not interpret it as your dog getting counseling.  When actually making a visit to a facility, everyone benefits.  The dog, the handler, and the patient; it is just a question of who gets the most enjoyment.  Clyde has visited a mental health facility, several hospitals, and several rehabilitation facilities.  He is a regular participant at the local Children's Hospital, where he received a personal invitation to be considered for the program.  He is one of the very few large breeds allowed at that facility, and in fact, the largest therapy dog participating in that program.  He is truly a gentle giant with the children, and you can often see several children hugging on him at any one time.  Being a Therapy Dog has one certain advantage/disadvantage, depending upon how you view the requirement to have the dog bathed and groomed within 24 hours of a visitation.  It keeps the boy looking sharp.  Clyde and Bob Hanks went thru a special six week program at their local obedience club for training, testing, and certification.  That training helps any dog in getting rid of many fears, since they must function around canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs.  But the number one requirement has to be a great disposition, which a Berner like Clyde fills to the max.
Clyde & Bob
Photos to right & below were taken at
6 yrs. 8 mos.

After 5 years out of the confirmation ring, Clyde made the cut of 16 out of 50 males at the 2004 National Specialty.