Our Introduction to BARF

Our first Berner, Marshall, died at 7 years
and 2 months of cancer.  When our second
Berner, Jamie, was diagnosed with cancer
at age 5, all her vets (Emergency, Surgeon,
Oncologist & General Practictioner) told us
to immediately take her off commercial dog
food.  When we asked why, we were told that
dog food is mostly highly processed grains which feeds cancer cells.  I was stunned and confused.  We had fed high quality dog food for 25 years and now I was hearing for the first time that it wasn't the best I could do for my dog.  I asked why I was feeding it to my healthy dogs and the vets just shrugged!  We immediately started researching and reading all we could about BARF.  We joined NaturalBerners internet mailing list and started trying it for ourselves.  We had to take Jamie off kibble immediately so she was the first to switch over.  We saw Jamie improve beyond the vet's expectations and enjoy a full eight months of quality life when she had been given only a few weeks to live.  In addition, her elbow dysplasia symptoms were better than they had been in years.  Our other Berners were switched over soon after we got Jamie's new feeding routine down.  We could see the health benefits almost immediately in all of them.  They had better coats, brighter eyes, less ear infections, less hot spots, consistent stools and generally better health.   Our 14 year old Basset (PBGV) started walking without extreme stiffness that had plagued her old joints for years.  We were hooked and we'll never go back.

We will be happy to answer as many questions as we can or refer you to someone who can help you.  We have listed a number of sites that can help you get started linked to the button below.  We hope you will give it a try.  We resisted for a long time but are now very glad we changed.  Our dog's bright, healthy eyes thank us daily.

Dawn & Tim Gabig
Classique Bernese Mountain Dogs
Many BARF websites advocate no vaccinations
at all.  While we totally agree that most current
protocols over vaccinate which can be harmful,
there are many very real diseases that cause
serious illnesses or death in both dogs and humans.  Please educate yourself throughly before you change vaccination schedules.  We currently use a modified schedule somewhere between the two schools of thought.

To our knowledge, there are no complete and conclusive studies offering vaccination schedules that are 100% safe and effective. 

The vast majority of experienced practicioners agree that the most common negative reactions are from the Lepto vaccine and multiple vaccines at one time should be avoided.  Titers can be effectively substituted for annual vaccines after the initial puppy series.  Please discuss your options throughly with your vet.
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Jennifer's website has lots of great information on BARF and more links to help in all aspects of natural feeding including where to buy BARF products already prepared for you.
This is a great website for beginners.
It shows you how to prepare a BARF diet
step by step in easy to understand photos.